Have the words "inadequate", "underwhelming", or, somehow the worst of all, "average" ever been thrown around in your love life?

Were you the kid who never showered after PE for fear of Todd, the biggest bully in school, pointing out your wilting willie to 12 other fifteen-year-olds

Have you ever tried to send a tasteful dick pic only to get a response of 27 consecutive laughing faces and a blocked number

Then boy, do we have the product for you.

See, at one point we were in the same boat - or maybe more accurately, just shy from being part of the "micro" club. Growing up with a small member was tough, and we wanted to do something about it for all of our brothers out there in the same boat.

We decided to work smarter, not harder. Growing in size is almost impossible, but making everything around you smaller to make yourself look bigger is easy. Well, not easy, but we've done the leg work for you.

The Dick Pic Stick takes all of your troubles and throws them in the rearview mirror. It looks identical to a regular ruler, complete with 12 evenly spaced out inches, but in reality, is only 9 inches long.

If you're trying to send another tasteful dick pic, simply place the Dick Pic Stick beside your manhood and lightly insinuate that you are closer to eight inches than you are five. On a date? Keep the Dick Pic Stick on you and when the time comes to get down and dirty, conveniently place it on your nightstand, and in no time, you'll have your date convinced that they're wrangling an anaconda.